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Whether you are a seasoned Designer (have webmaster in your CV) or new to the world of digital software product design (UXD, UXR, UI, IxD, IA, CX, LX, VD, FE, SO, PO, ML, AI, etc) the universe in which you can apply your craft and skills are continuing to grow…

Illustration of a Police officer and the variety of camera technology in their environment, Body camera, surveillance camera, car cameras, phone recordings, etc.
Camera Technology

I was reading an article about the role of body cameras in policing. See here

As I was getting into the article, I was paused by this quote:

“Technology is inherently neutral; it’s how you use it that decides whether it’s a net positive or negative,”

— Scott Greenwood, a…

An drawing of a crowd of people with a designer called our being among the crowd of users. Drawing by Chris R. Becker
A designer among their users observing, being attentive, happy to engage.

I was recently on Twitter (as you will) and saw this intriguing tweet from Scott Berkun.

Tweet from Scott Berkun

The insight into the nature of designers is poignant as I have experienced this insulation working from home as well as something I think every designer has to actively fight.

The Problem

How a tool can go from useful to useless and nearly kill you in between

Dear Reader,
Our world is full of tools…

Building Tools

and I’m not talking about human “Tools” but we all know there are too many of them as well…

Jersey Shore “tool”

As human beings…

An image of a miro whiteboard canvas from a collaborative mind mapping activity. Shows students collaborating on articulating the conditions for making collaboration successful.
A Collaborative Group Mindmap sample from a Workshop on Collaborative Design 07/20/2021

At the risk of sounding like “Captain obvious” collaboration is essential to Design. You might be thinking “yeah of course!” But let’s dive into ways Design is synonymous with collaboration.

(I will be using. “Big D” Design to refer to the vast number of roles from Product/CX/UX/UI/IxD/Visual Design and beyond)

Collaboration review

An illustration of a man being a Raconteur storyteller
Design Raconteur

Raconteur — a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.

Pssst… Storytelling is your job! As Designers, whatever your ilk Product/UX/UI/IxD/CX/LX/Graphic/Strategy/Education/Writing/etc., your role is storytelling. (From this point onward, I will be using “Designer” to discuss the various roles in design as it applies to the topic.)

Illustration of Flexible Psychology — Olivia Newton-John Physical on the brain
Build Flexible Psychology — Olivia Newton-John — Physical

I recently came across the description of a personality trait and thought “this is a UX designer!”

The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest blog explains:

A psychologically flexible person is characterized by a set of attitudes and skills: they are generally open to and accepting of experiences, whether they are…

Chris R Becker

Sr. UX Designer / Educator / Author of Learn HCI. Parent, surfer, tinkerer.

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